Watch: “Real Inspiration”- Simone Biles Shares a Special Video Message for First Grade Fan


More than an athlete, Simone Biles is an icon, an inspiration for millions of people out there. What she has achieved in her brief career so far is almost unimaginable for many. Simone’s fan following is not just limited to sports crowd, but she is indeed a role model for every little girl dreaming of an extraordinary life.




Recently turned 25, Simone is quite busy these days in planning her wedding. The Olympic champion has been dating NFL star Jonathan Owens since 2020 and the couple got engaged on Valentine’s Day this year. Although the date of her wedding hasn’t been made public yet, but as the preparation it appears somewhere close.




First grader gets a surprise by gymnastics legend
While a lot many children admire Simone Biles, the first grader, Savannah Callender, is different from the rest. She often portrays herself as inspirational celebrities for the class presentation and recently, she dressed as Simone Biles for black history month. Luckily, the gymnast noticed Savannah and shared a beautiful message for her.




The Olympic champion not only appreciated the little girl’s gesture but also gave her heartwarming life advice. She said, “Hey, Savannah, it’s Simone Biles. I saw the pictures in which you dressed as me for the black history month. So honored, I just loved it. You sound like a real inspiration yourself. So thanks again and remember to always stay true to yourself.”





The most decorated gymnast has been away from the sport since the Tokyo Olympics. She pulled out of the all round event at the Olympics citing mental health concerns and ever since, there have been speculations about her retirement.




The next Olympics are two years away. Simone Biles will be 27 by then, which is certainly not a prime age for a gymnast. However, an athlete of her caliber is known for making the impossible possible.



Will there be a redemption day for the champion or will she retire with the existing records?





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