Venus Williams puts an end to Reilly Opelka dating rumours…


Venus Williams has said that she is single, thus putting an end to rumors claiming that she is dating fellow tennis player Reilly Opelka.There have been a number of rumors about the two dating, more so after the former was seen supporting Opelka during his match against Jack Sock at the Delray Beach Open.

Williams previously congratulated the 24-year-old on winning the Dallas Open.

During a Q and A session with her fans, Williams was asked if she had a boyfriend. However, the American has said that she is currently single, thus probably putting an end to all the rumors of herself and Opelka being a couple.


“Will you do something extraordinary?” Venus Williams said. “So for all of you guys who asked me would I like to get married, what are you going to do so? Let me know what are you going to do for me down there in the comments box. So then, you know, I am single, so maybe there will be something that will move me. Let me know.”

Venus Williams confirms that she will come back to action
Venus Williams has said that she became a vegan to improve her health


One of the questions on Venus Williams’ Q and A was how long and why did she become a vegan. The 41-year-old responded that she did so to improve her health after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (Sjogren’s Syndrome). This happened during the 2011 US Open where she had to withdraw from her second-round match against Sabine Lisicki.

“I’ve been very clear about this that I am plant-based, mostly plant-based and I’m also a cheating vegan. So it means that if anything can end up on my plate, don’t judge. I’m doing the best I can and that’s all you can do. So, I became a vegan, a cheating vegan and I spent time as a raw vegan too, and I became one because I wanted to improve my health after being diagnosed with autoimmune disease.


There’s so many reasons why people become vegans, that’s mine.”
Williams has been out of action since August 2021 and as a result, her ranking has dropped to 470.

The American has said that she will make a return to the WTA tour but did not say when. We can hope to receive an announcement from both the Williams sisters regarding their return to court later this year.


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