Tom Brady, 44, Makes a Shocking Confession About a ‘Second Career’

Tom Brady, 44, Makes a Shocking Confession About a ‘Second Career’


It is not a secret that Tom Brady loves golf. Everybody is interested in knowing whether his passion for the sport would turn him into a career since he has retired from NFL. Finally, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback revealed his take on the news after being silent for a long time.


The SiriusXM Radio Twitter video disclosed whether Brady has chosen golf as a retirement career.



Let’s Go is a SiriusXM Radio weekly exclusive podcast that Tom and Larry Fitzgerald have been hosting since September 2021. While attending the Seminole Pro-Member, the SiriusXM host has asked Tom whether the podcast is the only job he has now. Since the question was unexpected, Brady had no choice but to answer the question.



“To be determined,” Brady answered, and mentioned that there are a lot of things going on with him lately. He added, “But today, it is golf.” Even though the host tried to get an answer from him, Tom Terrific was careful with his words. He explained that he hopes to watch and learn from the pros at the Pro-Member event. “Golf is definitely in my second career or second career hobby,” Brady added.



Is golf a career option for Tom Brady?
The 2022 Seminole Pro-Member was the first golf tournament that Brady has played after his retirement. He was paired with the South African golfer Louis Oosthuizen at the event.


When the SiriusXM host asked around Oosthuizen and others about Brady’s talent in golf, everyone did nothing but praise him.



It is not a secret that Brady loves golf. The former NFL quarterback had always shown interest in the sport and had competed in a few Pro-Ams, including the charity event, The Match. Brady and Phil Mickelson played as a team in The Match against Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau.


It has been a month since the Tampa Bay Buccaneers star quarterback retired from NFL. He had announced his retirement news to his fans through social media. Although the NFL has given him everything, Brady explained that he would like to concentrate on other things in his life from now on.



Tom Brady, 44, Makes a Shocking Confession About a ‘Second Career’

Do you think Brady’s passion for golf could turn into a career? Would you like to see him play more golf? Let us know in the comments below!




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