How Stephen Curry Was Ranked The Face Of NBA Over LeBron James: Can Steve Win His Fourth NBA Championship This Season?…

Steph Curry proved yet again why he should at least be in the conversation for the greatest point-guard of all time after yet another mesmerizing showing in the 2022 NBA All-Star Game. NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith heaped praise on the Golden State Warriors star, saying that Curry, and not LeBron James, is the face of the league.


Stephstunned Cleveland once again and might have given them flashbacks of the misery and pain he inflicted on them over the years as he drained a historic 16 three-pointers on his way to scoring a massive 50 points, guaranteeing Team LeBron’s victory over Team Durant. Curry seemed to be in the zone as every shot he put up looked like it was going in.


Steph’s performance had the NBA universe going crazy in disbelief. NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith, in a conversation with Kendrick Perkins and Molly Qerim on ESPN’s First Take, spoke about the Golden State Warriors’ franchise cornerstone. and why he thinks the latter is the face of the league over long-time poster boy LeBron James.


“I believe it’s Steph Curry, by default almost, he is winning and LeBron is not. That’s really what this comes down to for me. If you want to modify it to a certain degree, LeBron James is the face of the league for what he does off the court. To me, I am speaking specifically of on the court. Steph Curry is just as box-office ”


It was an emotional night for Steph Curry, who was named to the 75th anniversary team and took part in the festivities with all the legends that paved the way before him. Curry then put on a historic show in the presence of greatness and won the inaugural Kobe Bryant All-Star MVP award.What’s next for Steph? It looks like business as usual as he will look to guide the Golden State Warriors to yet another championship this season.


Can Steph Curry win his fourth NBA Championship this season?

Considering how wide open the Western Conference is at the moment, Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors could shut down their critics by mounting a strong playoff run that culminates in yet another NBA Championship.

TheWarriors have been the best defensive team in the league by far as they have managed to choke opponents out with tough, strong and focused perimeter defense. However, health has been a huge factor affecting their play as defensive lynchpin Draymond Green has missed significant time and so has big man James Wiseman.


Leaving Kevon Looney as the only true center in the rotation.Wiseman’s return could provide a necessary boost as the young center will come out with a mindset to prove himself after all the trade rumors and doubts surrounding his game.Klay Thompson is back, but is only 16 games into his return and it will take some time for him to find his rhythm.


So the onus on the offense falls squarely on the shoulders of Steph Curry and Andrew Wiggins. The Warriors went into the break after losing four out of their five games, while also causing the second-most turnovers in the league.

“Has Steph Curry overtaken LeBron James as the basketball icon of this generation?” – Stephen A. Smith stirs the pot with an interesting question, wonders if Michael Jordan might need comparison with Steph instead of LeBron


“Any statistical measure, LeBron James is ahead of Steph” – JJ Redick emphatically calls James the face of this generation over Steph Curry.
“We talk about LeBron or Jordan, what about Jordan-Curry? What about LeBron-Curry?” – Stephen A.


Smith believes Steph Curry belongs in the same conversation as LeBron James and Michael Jordan.
“Steph Curry has you scared the second he goes past half-court” – Stephen A. Smith says Steph Curry is ‘more like’ Michael Jordan than LeBron James is, despite LeBron’s greatness and longevity.


Curry and co. will have to step up if they are to beat the likes of the Phoenix Suns. Don’t count the Warriors out, though, as long as Curry is breathing fire like he did in the All-Star game, they have a really good shot at winning another ring.


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