NBA: LeBron James’ career so far: What An Amazing Career…


LeBron Currently, playing his 19th NBA campaign at the age of 37, it is safe to say that LeBron James has had one of the most illustrious and impressive careers of any player in the league.James has accumulated a long list of accolades that sees him being rated alongside some of the greatest in the game.


A 4x NBA Champion, 4x NBA Finals MVP, 4x MVP and 18x All-Star are only a few of the accomplishments he has in a rather impressive resume.With over 36,000 points, 10,000 rebounds and nearly 10,000 assists recorded over the course of his career, LeBron James is in a league of his own. Playing at a high level even at this stage of his career, James recently became the NBA’s leading scorer when combining regular-season and playoff points.


LeBron James On How Michael Jordan Inspired Him
“That’s the Grand Canyon of a gulf between LeBron and Michael” – Skip Bayless on what separates LeBron James and Michael Jordan in GOAT conversation.
“Part of me wouldn’t be here without MJ’s inspiration” – LeBron James reflects on Michael Jordan’s influence on him after his team clinches All-Star Game win.

“The road for LeBron was just as hard, if not harder than the road was for Michael” – Rich Paul compares the career path of LeBron James to Michael Jordan
While that is a testament to his longevity, the LA Lakers superstar continues to be at the receiving end of criticism as his Lakers find themselves in a miserable position this season.


Barelyclinging onto a play-in position, the Purple and Gold will hope that James leads them to a run of wins to see them through to the postseason.


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