Mercedes boss Toto Wolff takes a shot at famed Red Bull trio Max Verstappen, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko by insisting he’d ‘rather do it ALONE’ in Formula One than EVER work with them


Toto Wolff has taunted Red Bull by claiming he would rather ‘do it alone’ than ever have to work with rivals Max Verstappen, Christian Horner or Helmut Marko.


Mercedes boss Wolff saw his relationship with rival team Red Bull become increasingly fraught and personal amid a bitter fight for the title last season.



Wolff and Horner regularly went back at the other with fierce remarks – back in June last year the German chief labelled Horner ‘a bit of a windbag who wants to be on camera’ – and Wolff has now taken a shot at Red Bull’s big three by dismissing the idea of ever working with them in Formula One.



Asked by German newspaper Bild as part of a Q&A who he could envision working with, Wolff did not mince his words.


‘Who would you rather have from Red Bull in your team: Verstappen as driver, team boss Christian Horner or head of motorsport Dr. Helmut Marko?’ the question read.



‘I’d rather do it alone,’ Wolff fired back.


Much of season four of ‘Drive to Survive’, the hit series on Netflix trailing the ups and downs of an F1 season, focused on the animosity between Wolff and Horner, as well as more generally with Mercedes and Red Bull.



On the Netflix series Horner diminished the success achieved by Wolff in what was a put-down that will have irritated.



‘What you have to remember about Toto is he has inherited something that is already well-oiled,’ Horner said, having also accused his biggest rival of being ‘financially’ motivated.



‘He has not had to build anything. He operates the team in a much different way to me.’



Horner went on to label Wolff as a ‘tax exile’ in a recent interview with Sportsmail and all eyes are locked on the two garages as to whether there will be a similar theme of bitterness towards the opposition in 2022.



My relationship with Toto is… you know, it’s professional,’ Horner told Sportsmail.


‘He’s not the kind of guy I’m going to go and have dinner with or spend private time with, but I have a respect for what he’s done and what he’s achieved.




‘Of course, as far as I’m concerned, 2021 is done and dusted. It’s now all about 2022. Will he be the main opponent this year? I have no idea.



‘Do I like him? I have no personal issue with Toto. He’s the kind of guy that bites quite easy, so it’s always fun to wind him up a bit. But he’s not a bad guy, that’s for sure.’



There was a civil handshake in Abu Dhabi in front of the cameras before last season’s finale but it appears water is not yet under the bridge.



Wolff went on to add in his Bild Q&A that his relationship with Horner remains ‘crunchy’ but did go on to claim that his rival’s statements ‘no longer trigger any emotions’ in him.



The animosity between the two is something that Wolff is said to regret – albeit not enough to avoid fuelling the fire with his latest remark.



‘I really regret it,’ Wolff told Dutch magazine Formule 1 last year.


‘I always try to stay professional, approach things professionally. However, it got very personal between the two of us at some point.



‘At one point he told me to shut up. Then I responded by saying he was a windbag and talked too much for the cameras.


‘I shouldn’t have said that because it’s a professional relationship and you know that even your worst enemy has a best friend.



Both Wolff and Horner may be better served parking their feud and focusing on the task at hand having both had below-par starts to the season in Bahrain.



Red Bull had a disastrous time in Sakhir, seeing both drivers forced to retire their cars late on, leaving them with no points in the constructors’ championship.


Meanwhile, Mercedes managed to finish third and fourth in what was a generous conclusion given they looked comfortably off the pace of Ferrari, who came first and second, and the two Red Bulls, prior to their retirement.



Ferrari’s first one-two since 2019 has put the grid on notice and both Wolff and Horner know that the Prancing Horse will pose a significant threat to their title aspirations this season.





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