Lewis Hamilton: Limited Years Remaining In F1; Mercedes Gives Up On The Negotiation…


Dutch TV reporter Jack Plooij believes Lewis Hamilton’s disillusionment was related to the longevity of his career. Speaking to Motorsport Network, the Dutchman believes that although the Briton will prove he is better than Michael Schumacher, it will take a few more years.Shedding light on the Briton’s disillusionment after the 2021 season, Plooij said:


“Lewis’ biggest disillusionment might have been that he might only have one, but two, three or four more years to go. That may have been a serious consideration for him, because to continue for another four years? That would probably have been his doubt.”


The Ziggo TV reporter believes the seven-time F1 world champion’s disillusioned frame of mind was related to his shelf-life as a racing driver in the sport. The Briton recently turned 37 and is now the second most senior driver on the grid. Consequently, his future in the sport in terms of the number of years he could continue has been a serious contemplation zone for him, according to Plooij.


Lewis Hamilton: Limited Years Remaining In F1; Mercedes Gives Up On The Negotiation...

Looking ahead at the Briton’s future in the sport, Plooij said:
“Perhaps he will now look at it year after year. And what is George Russell going to do next to him? Of course he has to think about that for a while. I am convinced that in the coming years he wants to show once again that he is better than one Mr. Schumacher in terms of world titles.”


While Hamilton’s primary career goal is to beat Schumacher’s record by securing an eighth title, Plooij believes it won’t be possible in a condensed period of time given the regulation changes. Therefore, an eighth title might mean extended tenure in the sport for the Briton, according to the Dutch reporter.


Lewis Hamilton will have to be patient for his eighth title, according to Dutch TV reporter.

TheZiggo TV reporter believes the Briton can secure an eighth title, however, it will depend on the car Mercedes develop for him. The Dutchman explained that immediate success for the British champion might not be a possibility and might require patience until Mercedes adapt to the new regulations.Explaining Mercedes’ development curve to provide Lewis Hamilton with a competitive car, Plooij said:


“Of course it may not happen immediately because they [Mercedes] may perhaps not get it quite right with the development of the new car. But knowing Mercedes, they will certainly get over that.”


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