Lewis Hamilton is not Motivated by “Revenge” That’s not his way; former F1 driver to…


Lewis Hamilton will not be motivated by revenge when he starts his 2022 F1 campaign. This is the view of former F1 driver and SkyF1 pundit Johny Herbert.Speaking to Betway insider, Herbert said that the culmination of the 2021 F1 season might not have been ideal and would have hurt Lewis.

However, he added that expecting Hamilton to drive with a feeling of revenge, especially against Max Verstappen is not how the British driver has approached racing.


Talking to Betway insider and being questioned on whether Lewis Hamilton will have revenge on his mind, Herbert said:

“That’s not Lewis’ way. Lewis is motivated to do the best he can at any given track at any part of the season. He had that hunger in 2007 and he still has it now. It amazes me how receptive he is to learning, even as a seven-time champion.”
He further said:


“That said, I’m sure the way that Max is pushing him does help. It’s amazing, even for me as an ex-driver, to watch the way that these guys find ways to navigate their way through the season and adapt to different races.”

He also added:
“Driving around Bahrain is one thing, but then going to Saudi Arabia, to Australia, back to Europe, and so on requires so much adaptability and concentration. That’s the skillset that I think is going to make this Championship and I really hope that they both turn it on.”


Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen had an intense year-long battle last season that culminated with Max Verstappen winning the title by overtaking Lewis Hamilton on the last lap of the season. What was dubious was how the race was handled before the last lap by Michael Masi and that left a bad taste in the mouths of several F1 fans.


Speaking about Lewis Hamilton, the Mercedes driver was unable to take the loss well and stayed away from the public eye throughout the off-season. However, as soon as he returned, he made it clear that he was in the best shape of his life both physically and mentally. He added that if people thought that the 2021 season was good, they will be surprised with what’s in store for 2022.


Statementslike these are exactly what is going to keep fans hooked to the screens as one of the greatest drivers to ever drive a Formula 1 car gets ready for another battle against Max Verstappen, arguably the greatest talent of this generation.


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