‘Let This Be a Lesson for You’ – Serena Williams Explains Why She Refused to Play With Olympia


Serena Williams has found a new doubles partner, albeit for off-court activities. A legend on the court, the younger Williams sister has used her injury time-out for the upbringing of her daughter, Olympia. They often team up to grace social media with their adorable moments.




Like her mother, the four-year-old doesn’t shy away from the camera. Moreover, she often shares her pictures on social media. Further, Olympia also has an Instagram account. Apart from this, Serena also gives tennis lessons to her daughter.





The 40-year-old has endured a difficult schedule lately. Last week, she attended the 94th Academy Awards, popularly called the Oscars. Recently, she revealed why she didn’t play with her daughter.





Serena Williams wants Olympia to learn to take care of herself
The 23-time Grand Slam champion took to Instagram to reveal a lesson that she taught Olympia. Explaining why she refused to play with her daughter, she said, “I’m so tired, I just told Olympia that I couldn’t like play with her and I told her that let this be a lesson for you because some days, you gonna have to take care of yourself. You just have to make yourself happy. I’m literally gone on Day 5 of no sleep and I’m unhappy at all. I’m just like, basically miserable.”





It is quite understandable, given that Serena has been busy with her off-court commitments. Apart from attending the Oscars ceremony last Sunday, she has had a hectic schedule managing her business ventures.





Last week, she celebrated the success of her film, King Richard at the Academy Awards. Will Smith, who played the role of her father, Richard Williams, in the film, won the Oscar for ‘Best Actor’. It was an emotional moment for the Williams sisters, as the American superstar honored their dad during his acceptance speech.





“Richard Williams was a fierce defender of his family,” Will Smith said.






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