LeBron James and Drake gift Toronto Mom $100,000 for…


LeBron James and the LA Lakers visited the Toronto Raptors, earning a hard-fought 128-123 overtime win. James also spent some time with Toronto native and superstar rapper Drake, enjoying some Lobos 1707 tequila after doing a good deed.

Ina post on his official Instagram account, Drake revealed that he and James were giving a surprise gift to a student-athlete named Michael and his hardworking mother.


The duo welcomed Michael and his mom to the Harbour 60 restaurant in Toronto.
“We’ve invited a kid here, extremely hard worker and star player.

His name is Michael. He plays for a high school in Toronto called Royal Crown Academy. His mother, LaBelle, one of the hardest working women, period,” Drake said.


“We’re here tonight, me and LeBron, on behalf of Stake, to just try and make this easier. We’re gonna bless them tonight, so I’m looking forward to seeing their reaction,” Drake added.

Drake and James proceeded to welcome Michael and his mom at the restaurant. They gifted the family $100,000 in cash that could help them in a lot of ways. Drake also gave a pair of shoes and cash to Michael’s coach, who was present at the event.


Atthe end of the video, Drake told “The King” that he’ll donate $1 million to the LeBron James Family Foundation’s I Promise School in Akron, Ohio. James was full of gratitude for the kind gesture made by his friend.
“Wow. Oh, man I appreciate it. My kids are going to crazy for that. Thanks, brother,” James said.


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