“I’m so proud to come home and say this is my home, this is where I’m from” – Venus Williams on Compton homecoming…


In a recent vlog, Venus Williams revisited her roots in Compton, California and reminisced fondly on the the time she spent at her elementary school, her old family house and the tennis courts where she and sister Serena grew up playing.In her two-part vlog titled “I Spent the Day in Compton with my Sister”. Venus said she was proud of Compton and everything it stood for.

“It’s still my community. I still have roots here. I’m so proud to come home and say this is my home. This is where I’m from. I’m very proud when I say Compton that people know what Compton is and where it is,” said Venus.


Venus was also present at the opening of the remodeled Yetunde Price Resource Center, a non-profit organization founded by the Williams family to help victims of violence. The center was set up in honor of Venus’ eldest sister, Yetunde Price, who died in a tragic shooting incident in 2003.
“It’s very special because Yetunde Price is my sister.

Unfortunately and tragically, she’s not here with us today but we’re able to do this center in her memory and our family’s memory and most of all serve our community,” said Venus.

Venus and elder sister Isha Price, who was present in the vlog, also traded a few stories about Compton Park, where the Williams sisters learned to play tennis.Isha and Venus recalled how their dad asked different people to come and play with the sisters, and how Venus beat them all at just nine years old.


“It was all part of the process because Daddy wanted you to see different balls. And he wanted you to see what it felt like to play against different people so he would always get them to play you and Serena. They play a set and you never lost,” said Price.

“Destroyed them, no mercy. What a heartless child I am!” quipped Venus.
According to Isha Price, even a growth spurt that forced Venus to wear a cast for some time could not keep her away from the tennis courts.


“She had a wheelchair and she would come out and dad would feed her the balls. She would hit volleys, that was what she could do. And you became pretty good at the net. Good job,” Isha said.
“Yeah, I am like the only person that will come to the net once I was back playing,” said Venus.

Venus also recalled the determination and effort it took for herself and sister Serena to become successful.
“The level of responsibility that was just taken on by everybody, the level of responsbility that I had to have just to be out here. I guess maybe that part is emotional… It’s hard. At the time, no.


But looking now, that was really hard,” she said.
“I feel I can’t express my emotions very well. I have to sort through them. Maybe just thinking back to the sheer amount of work, that’s what it was. This is Compton Park. This is where we put in all the hours,” Venus added.

Venus ended the vlog by reiterating that Compton will always be her home.
“Ending with this amazing moment of just continuing to be a part of this community. This is my community, this is my home. It will always be home for me. I will always say I’m from Compton, California,” she said.


“You’re never too old to live your dreams or too young” – Venus Williams
In the first part of her vlog, Venus Williams visited her former school, Mark Twain Elementary School, where she interacted with students.

The American advised them that it was never too early or too late to start chasing their dreams.
“Do you know how great women start? Is it too young for you right now to start with great responsibility?” asked Venus. “Absolutely not.”

“Four years old, that’s when I started playing tennis. So remember, you’re never too old to live your dreams or too young. You can dream as big as you like and go as big as you want. And what’s most important is to respect yourself, have confidence. You are responsible for your life and you can do great things.”


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