“I prefer not to be a part of it,” Max Verstappen opts out of …

“I prefer not to be a part of it,” Max Verstappen opts out of ...


Max Verstappen grabbed the headlines after his stellar performance last year. This has given Formula 1 the impetus that the sport needed for such a while now. The sport was unfortunately on the decline after years of Mercedes‘ dominance over it. The gap between Mercedes and the chasing was so much that it took away all the interest from Formula 1.


Everyone wants to see a competitive sport. That wasn’t the case for the longest with Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton at the peak of their powers. But this is not taking away from the brilliant work that Mercedes has put in.



But all this changed when Red Bull and Max Verstappen came out firing on all cylinders last years and took the fight down to the wire. This increase the level of interest amongst the fans of Formula 1.



Another thing which has acted as a catalyst for the renewed interest in Formula 1 has been the immensely popular Netflix Series “Drive to Survive.” But it seems like the series seemed to have taken the rivalries between drivers and team principals way too far. This has caused discomfort amongst the drivers as they see it as something which could ruin their relationships and also their image.


“I prefer not to be a part of it,” Max Verstappen opts out of ...

Max Verstappen strongly opposes the portrayal of the exaggerated rivalries in the Netflix series “Drive To Survive”


Some of them have decided to walk out of it. Max Verstappen has come out and sternly opposed the series. He said, “You as a person, you are trying to build a brand, just by being myself. But then a series like that can just put you down completely different just because they like it like that and I think that is very wrong and I prefer not to be a part of it.”



“Not all, but quite a lot of things are wrong. People get the wrong idea about a certain person of how they actually are, they don’t know because they are new to the sport and they just watch the series.”



'Verstappen gave Hamilton a taste of his own medicine with those actions' Former rival reveals

FIA has also decided to look into the matter at the earliest and find a solution after holding talks with the makers of the series. It’s important for the sport to become more popular but it’s equally important for the organizers to protect the image of their crown jewels.




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