How The Removal Of Michael Masi As Race Director Will Affect Lewis Hamilton And The Sport As A Whole…


How will Michael Masi’s removal as Race Director affect Lewis Hamilton?

Having been robbed of the title in the season finale, the Briton went into silence over the winter break. His complete taciturnity has been interpreted and analyzed by some as a ploy to pressure the sport and FIA. Some even went on to analyze it as the Briton’s loss of faith in the sport which led to a sense of disillusionment, a narrative fuelled by his boss Wolff.


If the speculation is true, then the current FIA decision will serve justice to the Mercedes champion.Wider speculation indicated that axing Michael Masi was one of the ways that would keep the seven-time world champion and his team in the sport, as both had threatened to quit. Neither can be confirmed, but the narrative suggests it has been enough to put the Australian race director through the wringer.


Hamilton’s return to social media was inevitable, however, and his training for the upcoming season was an indicator of his continuance in the sport. Despite Mercedes confirming his return to the team ahead of the FIA announcement, the media narrative was contradictory.

The only confirmation as to how the saga will affect the Briton and his team will be known at the launch of the Mercedes W13, where both Hamilton and Wolff will have an open mic to the floor.


How does removing Michael Masi from Race Control affect the sport as a whole?
Like every other situation, replacing the race director has its positives and negatives. In a way, replacing the Australian can be viewed as an admission of guilt, and on the contrary, it can be seen as an effective measure taken to solve the problem. The admission of mistakes made in Abu Dhabi further taints Verstappen’s maiden title and questions his worthiness of being a world champion.


The Dutchman will be harried into rigorously defending his maiden title in the upcoming season, which dawns on a new era in the sport with new regulations and new cars. While he will remain champion, the controversy adds an asterisk to his title.

Succumbing to the pressure from a driver or team and the fanbase might be the incorrect precedent to set for the future. Such a precedent exposes the sport’s vulnerability to its audience and portrays it as a disempowered entity.


“We won’t forget” – Lewis Hamilton fans react to possibility of FIA removing F1 race director’s resurfaced audio
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen react to Michael Masi’s “points deduction” threat
Replacing Michael Masi might act as a band-aid treatment for the problem, but it also makes him a scapegoat in the grander scheme of events.


This precedent could further allow drivers and teams to flex their muscles or wield power over the sport and its governing body in the future.Nevertheless, restructuring race management and revising the regulations ahead of the upcoming season might provide clarity to the drivers and teams and be a step forward.

Reinstating the audience’s faith in the governance of the sport will require a collective approach from F1 and FIA to ensure the Abu Dhabi episode is not repeated.


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