He managed to get inside Lewis Hamilton’s head – Former F1 driver claims Max Verstappen is a worthy champion…


David Coulthard believes Max Verstappen is a worthy champion. Speaking in a documentary released by Viaplay, the former Scottish F1 driver felt the Dutch champion had a rare innate skill to make moves where they were least expected. He further went on to claim that Verstappen was one of the few drivers who managed to get inside Lewis Hamilton’s psyche.


Speakingabout Max Verstappen’s effect on his seven-time world champion rival, Coulthard said:

“He managed to get inside Lewis’ head and Lewis knew he had to leave room. No other driver has that effect on Lewis. Lewis is a fantastic driver and deserved to win that race, but I also think Max deserved the title because of his fighting spirit.”


The Scotsman believes the reigning champion managed to have a psychological effect on Hamilton, an ability many of the Briton’s opponents didn’t possess. Although the former McLaren driver believes Hamilton is an amazing driver, he feels the young Dutchman deserves.


David Coulthard on Max Verstappen:

“He is remarkably mature for his young age. Let’s not forget that he was 17 when he entered Formula 1 and he won his first grand prix when he was 18.

“That he took that opportunity and triumphed makes him exceptional.” #F1

Describing the championship’s defining moments in the season finale, Coulthard said:
“I knew he would either crash and become World Champion, or catch up and become World Champion. So yes. But I didn’t expect him to make his overtake so early. That just showed his fighting spirit. As soon as there’s a gap, even if it’s not really a gap, he goes for it. That makes him a worthy champion in my eyes.”


He managed to get inside Lewis Hamilton's head" - Former F1 driver claims Max Verstappen is 'a worthy champion'...

The Scotsman was surprised by the Dutchman’s lunge at an unexpected turn on the final lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Coulthard believes it is this ability to maneuver a car in unexpected places that makes Max Verstappen exceptional and worthy enough to be a world champion.
David Coulthard believes money and fame will not change Max Verstappen.


Describing the reigning F1 champion’s personality, David Coulthard revealed that the Dutchman was an ordinary person if encountered off-track. The former McLaren driver, who resides in Monaco, has known Max Verstappen since his debut years and believes the fame and money will not change his personality.Explaining how the 2021 world champion remains unaffected by the world around him, Coulthard said:


“If you run into him on the street, he’s just an ordinary guy. That’s how he talks to you. He does not speak down like I am World Champion and multimillionaire. We have lived in that world for a long time and know all too well that fame and fortune can change people. I don’t think he’s going to change that he’s so open to interacting with other people. He really doesn’t lose that.”


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Similar to Coulthard, Red Bull F1 team principal Christian Horner believes the new world champion to be a simple and humble character.

His former team-mate and current Williams driver Alex Albon also described him as an ordinary person off-track.


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