“He can’t Carry you anymore”- NBA Insider criesout As LeBron James Age Start reflecting in His game…


LeBron James has inspired a variety of new-age basketballers and is currently in his 19th season. The NBA maestro has continued to show he can perform at the highest level despite his age, but how many more years can he go?

His 19th season in the league has been nothing short of spectacular, although a good part of the season was marred by injuries. He has not failed to put on a show every night as he takes the court and this speaks highly of his commitment to the game and his team.


The 18-time All-Star player averages 28.9 points per game in 42 appearances this season and is on course to become the scoring champion, with Joel Embiid and Giannis Antetokounmpo leading the way with close margins.

Being the most voted player in his conference, LBJ led the team in the All-Star Game. He secured the winning shot to defeat Team Durant and claim his fifth All-Star win in a row as captain.


Will he make it before he retires?

Despite his amazing performances this season, his ability to carry a team has been questioned by the GM of an NBA team. The identity of this GM remains anonymous and he has reservations regarding how much impact he can have on a team in general. He agrees LeBron James is having an awesome season individually and he still has the ‘goods’, but doesn’t think it’s enough to carry a team.


“LeBron is still good, but he can’t carry you anymore. The only way I could see doing it is if you needed the box office draw.”
NBA GMs not very enthusiastic about LeBron James’ decision to play with his son Bronny
Over the All-Star weekend, LeBron James made public his interest in playing with his son Bronny before he retired. He even went on to say ‘he was ready to leave the Lakers’ if he needed to, in order to play alongside Bronny.


While some think it’s a tactic to get the Lakers to start thinking in that direction if they are to keep him in the team, others think he is overreaching and as such GMs are not entirely enthusiastic about getting the signature of the 37-year old in another two years.

Some NBA GMs have voiced their reservations, knowing that getting him means having him right there in the front office making recruitment decisions for immediate impact and not future plays.


“I can’t speak for all the other teams, but to plan for a 39-year-old and taking on his son, who I hear is just decent, to make moves for all that, I don’t see it.”
“Speaks to how gr8 Bron actually is” – Shannon Sharpe gives a rebuttal to an anonymous GM’s claim that LeBron James is not as influential as he used to be
Skip Bayless says Michael Jordan would figure way to beat LeBron James one-on-one just on “sheer killer will”:

“I don’t think LeBron has it, Michael just spits it”
“No matter how he tries to spin it now, you’d best believe he is” – Bill Oram believes LeBron James is rightfully peeved at the LA Lakers


“LeBron now wears the crown of biggest diva in the history of sports” – Skip Bayless believes LeBron James’ behavior at the All-Star weekend was “incredibly childish, incredibly petty”
An Eastern Conference GM had said he wasn’t looking forward to having such thoughts, as it was the last thing on his mind. The Bron family on the court isn’t such an appealing prospect for him.

“The last thing I’m thinking about is Bron and Bron,” an Eastern Conference GM said on his way back from Cleveland to rejoin his team. “I doubt it is something I would put a lot of thought into right now.”


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