F1 Warned of Pulling Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Tail’ Ahead of 2022 Season as this may happen

F1 Warned of Pulling Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Tail’ Ahead of 2022 Season as this may happen


Lewis Hamilton came very close to winning his 8th World Championship in the 2021 season. Max Verstappen stole the show and the championship in the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Following the controversial decision by race director Michael Masi, there were rumors that Hamilton might not race again. However, the British driver has returned to the grid.
Former Formula One driver, Karun Chandhok, feels that the British driver will bounce back stronger, as champions always do. Paul di Resta also spoke about Hamilton’s chances this season.


Hamilton will prove his worth, according to Chandhok
The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ended dramatically, but not in Hamilton’s favor. Michael Masi was the center of attention. He decided to not end the race with a safety car when Nicholas Latifi crashed into the walls with 4 laps remaining.

Verstappen was a long way behind Hamilton, but pitted during the safety car incident. He won the race on the last lap, overtaking Hamilton on fresher tires. Mercedes protested against the decision, but in vain.



As a result, the FIA replaced Masi with two new directors, as many felt the directors needed help. There were also rumors that Hamilton might not return to Formula One.

Former F1 driver, Karun Chandhok stated that Hamilton will show his wrath in the upcoming season and will be more than determined to win his 8th World Championship.



Speaking about the incident, he said, “One of two things was going to happen. Either Lewis was going to get disillusioned with the sport, or you’ll pull the tail on the tiger. I suspect we’ve got the latter.”

People are underestimating Lewis Hamilton, feels Di Resta
Lewis Hamilton might be determined, but a hungry young George Russell will join him this season at Mercedes. Russell joined the Mercedes Junior Programme at the age of 17 and immediately received many plaudits. The 24-year-old has shown a strong mentality throughout his racing career and won the Formula 2 in 2018.



Mercedes finished 1-2 in the Barcelona testing with Russell finishing closely behind Hamilton on the timesheet. Many believe that Russell will push Hamilton to the limit. But according to Di Resta, people are underestimating the seven-time World Champion

He said, “George is absolutely superb in qualifying, there’s no doubt he’ll pull laps out and surprise Lewis. But I think people underestimate Lewis and how relentless he is in the race. He’s an absolute animal when it comes to what he can get out of the car.”



F1 Warned of Pulling Lewis Hamilton’s ‘Tail’ Ahead of 2022 Season as this may happen

The former Force India driver also believes that Hamilton is still in his prime and will want to prove his doubters wrong again.

Lewis Hamilton is back and has a new competitor in George Russell. He will be more than resolute about winning his 8th World Championship. Will he overcome the challenges and obtain it?




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