30-Year-Old WWE Superstar Gets Engaged on Her Birthday

30-Year-Old WWE Superstar Gets Engaged on Her Birthday


WWE NXT 2.0 Superstar Ivy Nile got engaged on her birthday, and shared a heartwarming photograph with her fiancé on social media.

She took to social media to announce her engagement. Several fans from across the globe sent her good wishes and congratulated her for the new milestone in her life.


The duo have only announced their engagement. They are yet to pick a date for the wedding.

Additionally, Ivy Nile got engaged on her birthday, which makes the date quite special for her fiancé and her. This counts for double the celebration and double the fun!



Ivy Nile is a part of ‘Diamond Mine’
Diamond Mine is an NXT Stable. It’s one of the better-known stables of the Gold & Black brand.



Currently, Ivy Nile is one of the members. The other members are Malcolm Bivens, Julius Creed, Brutus Creed, and Roderick Strong.



Nile is working to establish herself as a prominent name on the WWE NXT Women’s roster. It could be a while before she gets called up to the main roster.

WWE NXT 2.0 could become the new Attitude Era
When WWE revamped NXT, everyone knew it would be something different from Raw and SmackDown. But, it became an issue when reports revealed Vince McMahon was taking over.



Now, it’s not a bad thing that The Big Man is invested in the youngest WWE brand. However, fans didn’t want him to turn NXT into another Raw or SmackDown. Therefore, the fans were rather skeptical at first.

As time moved on, it started to seem like NXT could become the modern-age Attitude Era. It might not be something that could be implemented immediately, but with time, the promos, segments, and matches could blend with some elements for The Attitude Era.



30-Year-Old WWE Superstar Gets Engaged on Her Birthday

As of now, it’s unknown if WWE is planning anything massive for NXT in the upcoming future. Considering WrestleMania 38 is coming up, it could be a while before WWE NXT does its own thing to woo the audience.




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