UPDATE: Serena Williams Announces the Death………




Serena Williams is mourning the death of her dog, Lauerlei.

The tennis legend, 40, shared on Instagram Saturday that her canine companion had died the day prior.

“Lauerlei sadly took her last breath yesterday,” Williams wrote in the caption of her post, which featured a carousel of sweet images of Lauerlei throughout the years.



“I am sad but happy for all the time … I got to spend with her,” she continued. “She lived a long long life.”



Added Williams: “The last year and a half was a bonus. She got to get anything she ever wanted and she was biting toes till the end. Literally.”



Noting that her late dog “LOVED chicken and acrobatics,” the tennis pro said, “She was the smallest yet toughest little pup and I will miss her… so much. đź’”truly the end of an Era.”



To conclude her post, Williams signed off with her pup’s full name, writing, “Lauerlei Linkogle Williams May 2004 – Aug 27, 2022.”

In addition to Lauerlei, Williams owns another dog named Christopher “Chip” Rafael Nadal.




While Lauerlei rarely made appearances on social media, Chip is the complete opposite. With his own Instagram account, Chip has accumulated over 13 thousand followers.

Last week, Chip made an appearance at the U.S. Open during one of Williams’ training sessions.





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